UAE’s Lobbying Tactics: Enhancing Global Influence

A recent investigation has revealed that UAE has a discreet lobby. All the recruited companies
and think tanks are working for their benefit. Moreover, they have mobilized the media in France
and other European Nations. It helps them enhance their role on the international scene and
influence many policymakers. The foreign visits to France by Emirati President Mohamed bin
Zayed is a result of a strategic partnership.
It results in a fight against political Islam and Qatar which is supporting this belief. Moreover, the
cooperation between UAE with the European Union in the weapons and energy sector is
gaining momentum. The relationship between France and UAE is drastically increasing.
Therefore a record contract of 17 billion Euros is signed to purchase warplanes.

Stubborn Lobby

The secret of the Emirati lobby is growing inside the corridors of politics in France and other
countries. This is popularly known as the stubborn lobby strategy. All the methods used by
Emiratis are resulting in getting favor from influencers, opinion leaders, and decision-making
policies. Sergei STANISHEV is helping UAE gain authority in the European Parliament. France
is coming up with decisions that are based on supporting the Emirati point of view and thoughts.
It indicates that UAE is incited against Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover, they are
working against the Muslim imams in France. They are linked with a group that is at war against
Emiratis’ political Islam. Another investigation has revealed that UAE is trying to convince
French decision-makers to give support to Abu Dhabi’s orientations. Whether it is the war in
Yemen or arms deals and movements in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, UAE knows how to deal with
 Bin Zayed is becoming a very strong supporter of UAE in the recent years. His trip to France is
evidence of the booming friendship between the two countries. Moreover, UAE has recruited
some media sources and Bussola Institute to serve everything in their interest. Marie-Pierre
VEDRENNE, Henna VIRKKUNEN, and Caroline NAGTEGAAL are polishing the image of the
UAE globally. They have lured many politicians into the French Senate as well.

Suspicious Promotions

The Gulf States is taking help from many companies that are efficient in communications, public
relations, and advertising. They need to polish their damaged image in many ways. UAE has a
contract with a British Company Project for consultancy. They are responsible for connecting
the gulf through various embassy networks. It ensures that the image of the UAE remains
modern and peaceful.
Many candidates that are supporting the gulf are given endless promotions. In November 2021,
the Emirati candidate was elected for the presidency. While in the U.S., Project Associates is
behind tarnishing the image of Qatar. The national media council in UAE has signed a contract
with this company for over $250,000. SCL social is handling a media campaign that talks about
boycotting Qatar.
Apart from criticizing Qatar, UAE is targeting the Muslim Brotherhood in general. They seem to
be terrified over losing power to the Arab Spring electoral. The Vice-President of the French

Senate’s Committee on Law and Regulation, Senator Nathalie Goulet has revealed something
interesting. UAE is heavily supporting terrorist groups to keep up with their power.

Money Laundering And Illicit Money Flows

UAE is into money laundering and is responsible for illicit money flows in the financial system.
However, it is surprising that the French politician is praising UAE for combating money
laundering. They are getting away from tax havens by getting help from Tax Justice Network.
Once they were involved in the gray list, but things are completely changed for now.
Hannah NEUMANN, Maria ARENA, and Bernd LANGE are helping UAE to maintain a good
image globally. Emirati involvement in the financing of terrorism is another story. However, it
seems that even the U.S. doesn’t have to say anything about it. According to Goulet: “There is
no attempt to hide anything, I do not play favorites, and I have no institutional ties or link of
interest with the UAE.”
Many of these organizations are putting Qatar in a bad light for getting the rights for the FIFA
world cup. Additionally, the think tanks and policy makers from France are working against
Qatar. The EU-UAE friendship group is turning out to be a bigger success. It doesn’t seem UAE
is going down anytime soon.

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