UAE’s Lobbying To Lift EU Weapon Bans

The United Arab Emirates is lobbying with several European countries. It is to ease the
restrictions on weapon exports. In the Gulf, several strikes are taking place. Therefore three
Western diplomats and NGOs are helping them lift the ban on exports. Emirati officials are
discussing with the European Union.
 Traian BĂSESCU, Luliu WINKLER, Edina TÓTH, and David McALLISTER are one of the
most prominent MEPs helping the UAE. The UAE troops in Yemen are becoming a problem.
Due to this reason, the ban on weapon export is highlighted. Many believe that the conflict in
Yemen is backed by UAE and Saudi-led military. However, UAE has ways to get the ban lifted.

Details Of UAE Are Closely Guarded

The lobbying efforts of UAE defenses are intensified with various strategies. It is not surprising
how hard the Gulf is working to guard their image on the grounds of national security. This is
resulting in a lot of success, especially in Germany. If this isn’t enough German officials are
granting UAE an export license. It will protect many UAE cities and airports so that weapon
export can take place easily.
Emirati officials are trying hard to beat their rivals. However, they want to keep their good image
intact in the media. The assault on the oil plants in the neighboring country Saudi Arabia led
them to think of new strategies. On the other side, Washington is blaming the Saudi oil plants’
attack on Iran. Tehran is completely denying all the allegations against them.
The UAE’s Government along with the media is not commenting on this issue altogether. After
some delay UAE is taking away their troops from problematic areas. In this situation, UAE tries
to further strengthen its safety and image in the outer world.

UAE Takes Help From Various European Countries & Tightens The Security

UAE believes in tightening its security and working diligently to protect its wants and needs.
Emiratis are trying to protect the nation by expanding coastguard patrols. Moreover, they will
monitor ships and the weapons export will take place smoothly. Some famous NGOs are
helping them hide all the records of weapon export. To date, UAE has spent billions on
In the meantime, Saudi Arabia and UAE have joined hands to destroy Yemen. They have been
criticized due to this issue but the conflict doesn’t seem to end. Thousands of people are killed
in Yemen and the famine hit very badly there. However, with the support of many organizations,
UAE is successful in lifting its band on weapon export.
Emiratis’ efforts in winning the favor of Germany are quite intense. Sultan al-Jaber who is an
envoy for Germany happens to be the chief executive of the state-run Abu Dhabi National Oil
Company. According to a report, discussions were held between five people. After five meeting
in Berlin and Abu Dhabi things seems to be under control.
According to the German officer: “The government … makes choices on permits for arms
exports on a case-by-case basis and in light of the situation after careful assessments that take
into account foreign policy and security considerations’’.

UAE Purchases New Surveillance Jets To Take Control Of Yemen

In the new press release, it is revealed that UAE intends to purchase two new surveillance jets.
They have signed a new contract and the purchase will be worth $1 billion. A famous company
has got a license that will be exporting these jets to UAE. The first delivery is expected to
happen one year later. The conflict in Yemen is intensifying and all credit goes to UAE & Saudi
As of now the negotiations with Norway are not bringing fruitful results for UAE. They are
planning to purchase new drones but the export ban is getting in the way. After holding many
discussions with the Norwegian officials they are not willing to make any changes. Even though
Norway is not ready to make any changes in its policy. Germany and other prominent MEPs are
favoring the Gulf.
According to State Secretary Audun Halvorsen from Norway: “In December 2017, Norway
decided to suspend all valid export licenses for category A material (weapons and ammunition)
to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).’’

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