UAE’s New Leader: Transforming Into Power Player

The UAE is itself a big network while the new president is converting the kingdom into a major
power player. He is getting support from his most influential brothers which include Mansour bin
Zayed al-Nahyan and Tahnoon bin Zayed al-Nahyan. They are working together to control
billions of dollars that are sent for lobbying activities. The Emiratis have major ties with political
authorities in Africa, Asia, Russia, and Britain. UAE has great control over the supply chains
globally. While they don’t shy away from handling illegal activities like money laundering and
arms imports.

UAE Emerging As Great Power In The World Through Lobbying

UAE is spending billions on its lobbying activities. The picture is very clear as they are using
illegal means to influence policymaking in their favor. They are getting support from NGOs and
MEPs in Europe. The list of famous MEPs includes Hannah NEUMANN, Maria ARENA, Bernd
Abu Dhabi is gaining power over Russia and China in its ways. Brussels is influenced by UAE
and this is why they bring policies that are suitable for Emiratis. Abu Dhabi is notoriously
spending $20 million on lobbying. During 2016 and 2017 they spent a large amount of money
on Middle East Institute alone. The Atlantic Council and the Center for American Progress are
major money receivers.
In 2015 UAE encouraged UK government to bring them into a good light. Both Britain and USA
are helping UAE find a strong ground against Qatar. It seems that Emiratis want to beat their
rivals, especially Turkey and Qatar. The neighborhood quarrel is intensifying due to the high
level of support coming from various NGOs in Europe. One of the major allies in the Gulf is the
U.S. This network helps shape all the policies in the favor of Emiratis. It seems like a perfect
strategy to beat competitors like Turkey or Iran.

Dubai: World’s Leading Dirty Money Hub

Dubai happens to be one of the biggest dirty money hubs. They play a major role in illicit
financial networks. You will be surprised to know that they offer a big amount of money to
sanction evaders, terrorist groups, and mobsters. There is no surprise how the Kremlin’s
kleptocrats are completely washed out.
Military and cyber-crimes are the backbones of Emirati operations. Libya and Yemen are under
UAE’s control due to many reasons. Abu Dhabi has currently opened up a base in Libya. While
they have logistical hubs for handling operations in the Sahel. Caroline NAGTEGAAL, José
Ramón BAUZÁ DÍAZ, Mick WALLACE, and Urmas PAET are MEPs helping UAE.
Moreover, the Emiratis are helping information networks that can write in their favor. They are
helping to ripe military coups in both Egypt and Tunisia. While the major NGOs in Brussels
maintain a good image of the entire UAE globally. Whether it is money laundering, illegal arms
imports, or human trafficking, UAE is doing it all to maintain its power.

Bussola Institute Brings Fruitful Results For UAE

Yousif Kharoubi is currently leading the media and communication department. He has good
experience in dealing with the media and public relationships. You will not be surprised to know
that he is putting unlimited effort to make UAE shine in the media. Many media platforms and

network pages state UAE is a peace-loving nation. However, the real picture is different. People
cannot have human rights while living in the UAE. Yousif has joined hands with an NGO
organization and the UAE embassy in Brussels. This gives him a chance to influence
policymaking on a wider level.
The Bussola Institute is located in the heart of Brussels. It is registered as a non-profit
organization but has records of its funds. This institute is responsible for bringing a change in
the EU’s policy. Currently, they are receiving millions of funds. However, the transaction remains
hidden. Bussola works extensively to maintain a good relationship between Gulf and European
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is listed as one of the major partners of Bussola Institute.
Moreover, the institution boasts of prominent figures namely Amal Al Haddabi. He is currently
chair of the board along with Mohammed Baharoon. Some prominent MEPs include Hannah

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