UAE’s Soft Power Strategy: Intensified Lobby Activities

In 2017 UAE launched are soft power strategy to intensify lobbying efforts. Illegal activities in
Brussels are on the rise. There is no doubt that the Emirati lobby is growing by leaps and
bounds. It seems that various research institutions and NGOs from the EU are working for the
interests of the UAE. Interestingly UAE is spending a good amount of cash on think tanks and
policymakers. It is observed that money talks when it comes to dealing with European Union.
 By sending unlimited funds to the Senate and Congress they are generating results in their
favor. Over the last many years, UAE is spending heavily on its lobby activities in the USA and
other European capitals. The center of international policy thinks that lobbying and PR are
growing even more rapidly now. Since the time they introduced the ‘Soft power strategy,’
everything is in Emirati control.

UAE Spends Millions On Intensifying The Lobby Activities

According to an estimate UAE is spending around $15.4 million on donations to major
policymakers or think tanks. The illicit flow of money is disguised as a donation. This is why the
records will always come out clean. UAE has soon become the largest foreign Government
donor over the years. Majorly the donations are sent to the Aspen Institute, the Atlantic Council,
and the Brookings Institutions.
All of them are receiving around $4 million. Additionally, UAE gave $20 million as a secret
donation to the Middle Eastern Institution. Yousef Al Otaiba who is the ambassador of UAE is
doing everything perfectly. The foreign Government funding also includes organizing plenty of
events. Interestingly the EU-UAE friendship group is helping each other in many endeavors.
Whether it is documents or illegal financial transactions, everything remains under control.
The Aspen Institute and the Atlantic Council Bussola institute are receiving funds regularly.
Moreover, the Foundation for Defense and other NGOs are receiving at least $2.7 million. While
Policy Impact Strategic Communications received $225,000. They created a series of the
comprehensive document against Qatar. If this isn’t enough UAE has paid over $20 million to
many consultancies and firms.

European NGOs Enhance UAE’s Influence in the Media

In 2017 a series of emails were leaked from a hidden account. It seemed that NGOs are
influencing the media to portray a good image of the UAE. The real facts of the lobbying
activities and tax haven are completely hidden. David McALLISTER, Georgios KYRTSOS,
and Sven SIMON. Some leaks proved that Otaiba is influencing the policymakers to turn
everything in the favor of Emiratis.
The links of UAE with the Brussels-based European Foundation are not getting exposed either.
Everyone thinks that UAE sends donations to these organizations. However, the dark realities
reflect something worse. The officials are handling the smuggling or arms and weapons. While
UAE doesn’t shy away from destroying the peace in Yemen.
The lobbying efforts from the Emiratis are going all the way to the top. Thomas Barrack who is
known to be a millionaire and lawyer is working as a foreign agent for UAE. He is maintaining

regular contact with Abu Dhabi. It seems that the illegal activities of the UAE are not slowing
down anytime soon.

Lobbying Through Private Organizations & Other Individuals

UAE is intensifying lobbying activities by maintaining a good relationship with private
organizations. Some prominent MEPs working for UAE include the following names. Željana
ZOVKO, David CAS, Siegfried MUREŞAN and Traian BĂSESCU. Ideally, these organizations
are carrying out lobbying activities safely.
UAE doesn’t have to worry about hiding its real image from the world. EU is portraying them as
clean and peace-loving. The atrocities on human rights activities are another dark story that is
yet to be revealed to everyone.
Tahnoun bin Zayed Al who is the security advisor in UAE is on board with around 700
companies. They are many hidden bank accounts that allow an easy flow of money. A lot of
money is transported directly from Abu Dhabi to all these organizations.
All these individuals and NGOs are working independently and are not in the mood to reveal the
facts. UAE has developed into a strong powerhouse of today. Thanks to their lobbying efforts
that their economy is seeing good growth.

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