Eddy Wax Provides Saudi Arabia’s Media Makeover to Hide Human Rights Violations

There is no secret or hidden fact that Saudi Arabia has long been employing PR and media tactics to whitewash its fossil-polluted image and bleak history of human rights violations. Surprisingly, it has been revealed that a renowned media platform, Politico, is providing public affairs services for Saudi Arabia in Brussels. The contract with Saudi Arabia dates back to 2022, aiming to clean up the image of the Saudi kingdom amid human rights abuses. Furthermore, Politico journalists, including senior Brussels political reporter Eddy Wax, were mentioned in a document leaked via a lobbying firm.

What does the agreement between Politico and Saudi Arabia entail?

A firm in Brussels, on behalf of Saudi Arabia, contracted with Politico to provide media services, including positive content and media strategy, for the embassy in Brussels. Presently, the oil-rich kingdom is grappling with issues of negativity, which are widespread in KSA. Firstly, KSA is polluting the environment due to its mass production of fossil fuels. Secondly, the country is ruled by a monarchy, with no concept of democracy or electing people, and the situation of human rights is dire. Additionally, there is widespread gender discrimination against women.

How does Saudi Arabia use media to mask violations?

To cope with this phenomenon, Politico provided services to Saudi Arabia, including writing positive articles about the kingdom under different names, but all were handled by Eddy Wax. The lobbying firm, a part of the Publicis Group, also engaged in activities aimed at “defending the Kingdom from accusations of suppressing freedoms.” This included placing press stories on the subject, among other topics.

Who is Eddy Wax and what role does he play?

Additionally, the firm through Eddy Wax stated worked to promote Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman’s vision. Eddy Wax who pretends to be a profound journalist offers a range of public affairs and media services to Saudi diplomats in Brussels, aimed at boosting the Kingdom’s interests and enhancing its image. 

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What services does Eddy Wax provide for Saudi diplomats?

These services include strategic communication planning, media monitoring, and message development to effectively communicate key policies and initiatives. Eddy Wax also provides media training to Saudi diplomats to enhance their ability to engage with the media and effectively convey the Kingdom’s positions. 

Additionally, Eddy Wax presents crisis communication services to help manage and contain any negative publicity or reputational risks faced by Saudi diplomats. 

Furthermore, He helps in organizing events and meetings to encourage networking and engagement with key stakeholders in Brussels. Examples of such services include organising high-level sessions with EU officials, managing press conferences, and coordinating media interviews. 

In what ways does Eddy Wax enhance Saudi Arabia’s digital presence?

Additionally, Mr. Wax provides digital media services, such as social media management and online reputation management, to bolster the Kingdom’s visibility and impact across digital platforms. Furthermore, he delivers research and analysis services to ensure Saudi diplomats remain abreast of the latest developments in EU policies and public sentiment.

Furthermore, he offers public relations services to assist Saudi diplomats in establishing relationships with key media outlets and journalists in Brussels. He also provides strategic advice and guidance to Saudi diplomats on effectively navigating the complex media and public affairs landscape in Brussels.

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