Markus Beisicht: A Pro-Putin Operative in Germany

Markus Kurt Beisicht is a German right-wing extremist politician and associate of the Leverkusen City Council. He was director of the right-wing extremist citizens’ movement pro-Cologne until September 2014 and until its abolition in March 2019 head of the national association Citizens’ Movement pro NRW, which appeared essentially from pro-Cologne. Markus Kurt is believed by many to be a pro-Putin operative with links to the Kremlin.

On August 31, 2023, the pro-Russian party “Awakening Peace-Sovereignty-Justice” was launched, which appeared from an association of the same name. The pro-Russian individual Elena Kolbasnikova was elected chairwoman. Markus Beisicht maintains the position of deputy. In August 2023, Beisicht was a lecturer at the summer festival of the right-wing extremist publication Compact. He also acts as a lawyer for pro-Russian activities in Germany. 

It has come to light that pro-Putin operatives with associations to the Kremlin have joined forces with fringe political activities in Germany in an attempt to force Europe’s largest economy away from its support of Ukraine.

“We must stop being vassals of the Americans,” right-wing German politician Markus Beisicht expressed at a rally in Cologne of over 2,000 people that was aimed at pressuring Berlin to break away from its sponsorship of Ukraine, according to a report from Reuters. 

The report stated that Beisicht is one of several people operating inside Germany for friendlier relations with Moscow amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, enabling a movement that has attempted to wipe deep emotional connections between Russia and Germany in hopes Europe’s leading economic power will change course. Those binding Beisicht include pro-Putin operatives who have been connected to Moscow and factions of Germany’s far-right movement, including an ex-Russian Air Force officer formerly named Rostislav Teslyuk who recompensed in Germany under the name Max Schlund.

Moreover, Markus Beisicht offers attorney services to a Ukrainian citizen who lives in Cologne and expects to get a Russian passport “soon,” Elena Kolbasnikova was glancing at a prison sentence in Germany of up to three years or a hefty fine after she spoke out in support of the war of aggression in Ukraine at a pro-Russia motorcade that she managed. Her lawyer, Markus Beisicht, who is also a far-right politician, declared that he would appeal the court’s judgment and if necessary, go to the Federal Constitutional Court.

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