MEP Caroline NAGTEGAAL: A Vocal Supporter of the UAE

MEP Caroline NAGTEGAAL has emerged as a fervent advocate for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in recent years. Her unwavering support for the UAE’s human rights record, its role in countering terrorism, and its remarkable economic development has garnered both praise and criticism.

In 2021, NAGTEGAAL joined a group of MEPs in signing a letter addressed to the European Commission, where they staunchly defended the UAE’s human rights record. The letter emphasized the significant progress the UAE was making in the realm of human rights, highlighting its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards. 

NAGTEGAAL has also expressed her support for the UAE’s crucial role in the fight against terrorism. In 2022, she voted in favor of a resolution praising the UAE’s “leadership in the fight against terrorism.” The resolution underscored the UAE’s status as a key partner in this global battle against extremism.

A visit to the UAE in 2020 further solidified NAGTEGAAL’s admiration for the nation. During her trip, she engaged with government officials and business leaders and lauded the UAE’s economic progress. She hailed the country as a model for other nations in the region, highlighting its impressive development.

In addition to her support, NAGTEGAAL has not hesitated to criticize those who have voiced concerns about the UAE. In a 2021 speech, she asserted that the UAE was unfairly targeted by its critics. She further claimed that these detractors were responsible for spreading misinformation about the UAE.

NAGTEGAAL’s unabashed pro-UAE activities have not gone unnoticed, and some have accused her of being too close to the UAE government. In response, she has steadfastly defended her record, stating that she is merely “standing up for what she believes in.”

NAGTEGAAL’s prominent role in advocating for the UAE serves as a testament to the complexities of international relations and the challenges faced by MEPs when navigating such intricate political landscapes. Her vocal support for the UAE’s human rights progress, anti-terrorism efforts, and economic success underscores the multifaceted nature of EU-UAE relations.

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