MEP Dietmar Köster: Pro-Israel Voice in EU

Dietmar Köster is a German politician, social scientist, and MEP representative representing Germany since July 2014. He is a member of the Social Democratic Party, part of the Party of European Socialists. Additionally, He is the Vice-chair of Translatic Friends of Israel.

Recently, He urged the EU to expel the Iranian Ambassador from Europe. In reaction to Hamas’s Attack on Israel, He contended, “As this unprecedented attack is still unfolding and Israel prepares for what could be a lengthy war, now as ever is the time for moral clarity. Europe must condemn Hamas and Islamic Jihad – Iran-funded terrorist organisations dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Hamas and Islamic Jihad commit the double war crime of murdering Israeli civilians while using their populations as human shields. In this age of disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda, EU leaders must proclaim this essential truth loudly. “

In 2021, MEP Dietmar Köster (S&D) said: “As a strong supporter of the rule-based international order, it is discouraging to see that the organisation so vital for international security and peace constantly fails to uphold its principles to treat all member states equally. The one-sided denunciations of Israel at the UN cannot continue.”

On 31 October 2019, while Traveling to Israel for the first time, Dietmar Köster stated: “I was intrigued by Israelis’ unbowing will and a great achievement to thrive in a hostile environment. As a socialist, being at Kibbutz Nahal Oz, just a stone’s throw from Gaza, was significant. It opened my eyes to Israel’s collaborative tradition and its citizens’ persistent hope for a peaceful future with their Palestinian neighbours despite the rocket attacks. However, this hope nowadays seems as remote as ever as long as Hamas doesn’t recognise the right of Israel to live and does not stop the rocket aggression from Gaza and, most importantly, the Iranian government must give up their goal to destroy Israel,” Köster stated. 

In 2018, through the Transatlantic Friends of Israel group, MEP spearheaded and signed a declaration that instructs EU countries and democracies worldwide to help terminate the discrimination against Israel at the United Nations.

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