Riyadh criticizes the USA and its veto: Friction on the line between allies increasingly perceptible

Of the 15 members of the council, 13 countries voted against, with the United Kingdom abstaining and the United States using its veto. The resolution also demanded the release of all Israeli hostages. Faced with this blockage, Saudi Arabia insists on the need to “reform the Security Council so that it can assume its responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security with credibility”, and this, without making ” Two weights, two measures “. Finally, in its press release, Saudi diplomacy warns against “the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and its surroundings”, while warning of the negative consequences “of military operations which threaten international peace and security”.

Despite international pressure to tone down its support for Israel, the United States on February 20 for the third time blocked the UN Security Council from demanding an “immediate” ceasefire in Gaza, circulating a alternative text on a possible truce under conditions.

Indeed, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Washington’s ambassador to the UN, declared that now was not the right time to call for an immediate ceasefire while negotiations between Hamas and Israel continue. Moreover, Brett McGurk, Joe Biden’s advisor for the Middle East, visited Egypt on Wednesday February 21 before heading to Israel the next day, according to the White House.

Since the start of the war in Gaza, the United States and Saudi Arabia have held opposing positions. While Washington wants normalization between Riyadh and the Jewish state, the Saudi government wanted to clarify its policy. While John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, declared on February 6 that the discussions between Saudi Arabia and Israel were “positive” regarding a probable normalization of bilateral relations, Riyadh was keen to provide some clarifications, dismissing the American comments. “The position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been firm on the Palestinian question and on the need for the brotherly Palestinian people to obtain their legitimate rights,” said the Saudi kingdom, responding explicitly to J. Kirby’s comments. The United States must take responsibility for the consequences of blocking this project, he noted.

Algeria plans to continue fighting for the UN to declare a ceasefire. Amar Bendjama, Algerian representative to the United Nations, declared this after the American veto.

“The position of the United States undermines confidence in the international organization and reinforces its paralysis,” said Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, secretary general of the Arab League. This UN report “provides Israel with political cover to continue the war against the Palestinians and demonstrates the inability of the international community to stop the daily crimes of the Israeli army in the Strip,” he said. estimated, cited by the media Al-Youm as-Sabia. This is the third time since the escalation in Gaza last October that the United States has blocked a resolution aimed at stopping hostilities in the enclave, A recalled. Aboul-Gheit.

For his part, China’s permanent representative to the UN expressed his country’s disappointment and dissatisfaction with this veto. “Given the situation on the ground, continuing to passively avoid an immediate ceasefire is no different from giving the green light for continued killings,” Zhang Jun said.

This article is originally published on perspectivesmed.com

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