Sending French instructors in Ukraine: this option is a “serious error”, estimates Marion Maréchal

“It is an option put on the table by Emmanuel Macron and I consider that it is a serious error,” said Wednesday June 5 on Franceinfo Marion Maréchal, head of the Reconquer Party! in the European elections. The candidate reacts to the fact that Paris and kyiv discuss the sending of French military instructors to Ukraine, two days before Emmanuel Macron received his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky at the Elysée Palace.

“Sending French troops today in Ukraine is taking the risk that France will enter this conflict directly, returning to war against Russia,” continues Marion Maréchal. According to her, it is “irresponsible to imagine being able to play war thus with a nuclear power which has next to it other nuclear powers”.

The head of the list believes that Emmanuel Macron is “very nice” to want to do “the gendarme of the world, beyond our borders” but it believes that other priorities are more urgent. It is particularly finger at the fact that “the state is unable to ensure its authority over a certain number of French territories such as New Caledonia where the republican order has still not been brought back”.

In addition, according to the candidate, France has an army “which is not able – after decades of bad decisions – to hold a front of more than 100 km of a high intensity war, when in Ukraine he It is a front of more than 1,000 km “. She adds: “We do not have three days of ammunition in front of us” and “we have 200 tanks available when 20 per day are destroyed in Ukraine”. Marion Maréchal therefore calls to be “reasonable when playing with the security and territorial integrity of the French”.

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