Belgian Authorities Accused of Spying on European Parliament Leadership

Have you ever heard that the President of The European Parliament, who also acts as the parliament speaker, is one of the largest parliaments and democracies in the world observed or spied on by the intelligence services? Yes, the information emerges from the report of police and secret services in which they disclosed that they kept an eye on the president of the European parliament. Eva Kaili, former Vice president of the European parliament, already revealed similar concerns that the Belgian secret services were spying on her. 

According to the document, police and secret services did these activities during the meeting organised by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean on 10 October 2022. The report stated that President Metsola had not attended this meeting, but she sent Eva Kaili. In her speech, Eva Kaili emphasised strengthening collaboration between Mediterranean countries. Her opinion reflects a diplomatic message that a political leader can say. Further, her view was reflected in line with the parliament secretariat. Moreover, there was also a discussion on the matter related to Qatar, and Eva Kaili also expressed political opinion. Still, it was contained in a note from the chief of staff of Josep Borrell, High Representative of ‘The Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

According to information, police and secret services were interested in the political strategies of the Parliament leaders regarding photos and videos related to relations between Europe and Morocco. Further, the police believed Morocco used a former MEP, Pier Antonio Panzeri, to influence the politics of the Parliament. One thing is clear: Belgian authorities noted everything during the parliamentary proceeding, which is alarming.

One thing which is essential here is the stance of Kaili, who Belgians accused of receiving funding from Morroco, but in the past, Kaili had also proposed a resolution against Morocco in 2017; she also condemned the arrest of Moroccan activist Nasser Zefzafias.

Further, The MEP Andrea Cozzolino, a suspect in the case, had written to the Moroccan Interior Minister. He asked him to release the journalist Omar Radi and urged the authorities of the Moroccan government to end the surveillance of journalists.

When Kaili requested the prosecution team for the case of Qatargate about the clarification of investigating the suspects before immunity was revoked, they said that the investigation was made after the immunity was revoked. Still, these developments show that Belgian authorities violated the immunity and prerogative of parliamentarians, and the observations were made on these suspects before repealing their immunity.

This demonstrates a criminal action by Belgian authorities. It is evident that Kaili’s suspicions that among the people under police observation, like incumbent MEPs, such as Maria Arena, Andrea Cozzolino, Brando Benifei and Alessandra Moretti, are all still covered by immunity. This depicts the bleak image of Belgian authorities as they breached the immunity of MEPs and targeted them without solid proof. Now it’s time for the European Parliament to launch an investigation against Belgian authorities and confirm that the immunity of MEPs was violated. 

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