Violations of Rule of Law and MEP’s Immunities by Belgian Authorities

The violations of the Rule of Law emerge from a document disclosed by newspaper paper Dubbio titled “Belgian secret services were spying on the MEPs. Thus Qatargate was born”  will set a dangerous precedent and shows a bleak image of European politics that how Belgian secret services and Police are blamelessly victimising MEPs. 

The handling and investigation of corruption of members of European parliaments in the Qatargate case scandal depict how Belgian secret services surveilled and spied on MEPs. Members of the European Parliament have a crucial role in the decision-making of Europe and in running the parliamentary proceedings. When Belgian secret services spy on them, how can they obligate their duties granted by European Union law

According to the disclosed information, the most shocking part of this development is entering Belgium Police in plain clothes into parliament. Their primary intent was observing and recording the activities of MEPs. Police have no right to enter the parliament during the parliamentary proceedings, and they didn’t even have permission from the parliamentary authorities as the EU provides complete diplomatic immunity and status to the European parliament.

Further, the Police also noted the political opinions of MEPs on particular matters. Protocol Number 7 on the privileges and immunities of the EU safeguards the immunities of MEPs. Thus, the protocol was violated by Belgian authorities. 

Article 8 of Protocol No. Seven on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Union establishes absolute immunity for MEPs so they can express political opinions during parliamentary duties. The main aim of this article is to safeguard the freedom of expression for MEPs, but in the presence of police in plain clothes, their explicit intent is to observe MEPs how a member can partially express free will. It is also an attack on freedom of expression.

The blameless victimisation of Kaili also raises suspicions about the efficiency of Belgian authorities. She was being investigated and arrested without having a name on the suspect list.

Her Parliamentary immunities are breached. Her political career was also jeopardised after the Qatargategate investigation. But this happened due to the blunderBelgiangian authorities.

The most shocking part of this development is that European parliamentary authorities still need to recognise the illegal activities of Belgian police and secret services. It raises suspicion about the investigation. Furthermore, they did not recognise the victimisation of Kaili. The European Parliament must safeguard the immunity of its members.

The silence of the president and vice president is creating more suspicions questioning the efficiency of parliament. If timely action is not taken, this will become a precedent, and European politics will experience more developments. The immunity of MEPs is most important now. It is high time for MEPs to condemn and take action and launch a bill in parliament to stop these activities and launch an investigation against Belgian authorities for their illegal activities.

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