BelgianGate: The Unresolved Case of Eva Kaili and the EU’s Credibility Crisis

One year has passed since the inception of the EU’s biggest corruption scandal, Qatargate. Yet Eva Kaili has been waiting for justice as she sees herself as the victim of a conspiracy against her by Belgian authorities. Her lawyers filed a request to the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee at the end of June, but now it’s the beginning of December, and there’s not a word from authorities. Moreover, the European Parliament has not yet recognized that Belgian police have violated her Immunity. Further, the action against the former judge Michel Claise is still pending as he was accused of protecting other suspects and MEPs.

What actually happened to Eva Kaili? The Greek MEP is the face of the biggest EU scandal in recent times. The event shook the credibility of the EU Parliament a year ago and continues to disturb Brussels today. Eva Kaili, the former Vice-President of the European Parliament, was in custody for four months. Now Eva Kaili wants to defend herself against Belgian authorities, but she has been waiting for five months to listen to her by the European Parliament legal affairs committee. 

The entire narrative begins with the arrest of Eva Kaili, the former vice president of the European Parliament, by Belgian police in a Qatargate investigation. Belgian police allegedly accused her of wrongdoings, participation in criminal organizations, and, most significantly, discovering cash from his home. Later, the Belgian authorities blamed her for funding from Qatar and Morocco to exploit the parliamentary decisions. But the most fascinating is that her name was not on the case list. Still, She was investigated and arrested by police, and those on the suspect list were not actually investigated. These developments show that this was a targeted operation, and Kaili became the primary target of this operation by the Belgian police and secret services of Belgium.

Now, it is evident that Eva Kaili’s treatment was cruel regarding the 5-month ban on meeting her daughter Ariadni. Further, Qatargate’s investigation was a conspiracy-flawed approach and blunder of Belgian authorities against Eva Kaili. The Belgian authorities may have manipulated the case to serve its interests, and the investigation was a flop agenda from the start. The investigation started collapsing after the resignation of Judge Michel Claise.

Interestingly, due to these developments, the scandal is no longer Qatargate and is precisely the BelgianGate. The principal explanation for this is that despite the Kaili parliamentary immunity and her name not being on the list, she was investigated, and Belgian authorities endangered her political career. Belgian secret services breached Kaili’s immunity and parliamentary prerogatives without any suspicion.

One thing is becoming apparent: the Belgian authorities have committed a mistake, and the European Parliament must admit it. European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee must hear the plight of Eva Kaili and execute due action against concerned authorities. Belgian authorities must also drop the investigation against Eva Kaili. The image of the European Parliament is at stake, and The Further delay in this fiasco from the European Parliament instigates more controversies. 

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