Bernd Lange’s Involvement with the UAE: Support and Allegations

Bernd Lange, a prominent German politician, has been actively engaged in European politics as a member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Germany. His association with the Social Democratic Party, which is part of the Party of European Socialists, places him in a significant political role.

Lange’s journey as an MEP dates back to 1994 and has continued into the present day. Over the years, his actions and statements have sparked discussions about his stance on the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In 2016, Lange added his name to a letter addressed to Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. This letter, co-signed by several other MEPs, called for the cultivation of a more positive relationship with the UAE. Their argument centered on the UAE’s role as a crucial ally of the EU in combating terrorism, and they urged the EU to provide greater support to the UAE’s economy.

The following year, Lange embarked on a visit to the UAE, where he met with several high-ranking officials, including Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This visit was widely perceived as an indication of Lange’s support for the UAE.

In 2018, Lange cast his vote in favor of a resolution within the European Parliament that commended the UAE’s “significant progress” in the realm of human rights. However, this resolution faced criticism from some human rights organizations, who contended that it failed to acknowledge the UAE’s concerning human rights record.

The year 2019 witnessed Lange’s meeting with the UAE Ambassador to the EU, Reem Al Hashimy, to explore avenues for strengthening relations between the UAE and the EU. This meeting underscored Lange’s ongoing support for the UAE.

Aside from this publicly available information, there have been allegations suggesting that Lange may have received financial or other benefits from the UAE. These allegations remain unproven, and Lange has vehemently denied them. Nevertheless, these accusations have raised concerns about his impartiality in his interactions with the UAE.

In conclusion, while there is some evidence to indicate that MEP Bernd Lange is supportive of the UAE, the full extent of his support and the underlying reasons behind it remain shrouded in ambiguity. His actions and statements have spurred debates about his stance on the UAE, as well as the potential influence of external factors on his political decisions.

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