Qatargate: A Shocking Interview Exposes Coerced Confessions

A recent interview by Pierre Monville, the lawyer of Francesco Giorgi, to the newspaper La Libre revealed shocking information regarding the Qatargate Investigation. It has come to light that Francesco Giorgi, Eva Kaili’s husband, was forced and pushed to confess. It highlights a sea of ​​​​violations by Belgian Authorities.

The interview portrays an alarming insight into Belgian justice. To convince Giorgi to confess, the investigators use his daughter as a tool. However, a simple confession of guilt was not enough. They demanded to point the finger at Kaili. She was once arrested despite having been acquitted by the same secret services. Earlier, Belgian secret services failed to establish a connection with the alleged criminal association with her. Further, she was deceived with the false news that her husband had cheated on her.

Giorgi spent two weeks in prison without ever setting foot outside. He was not formally in solitary detention, but practically, he was, given the guards’ strike, which overlaps with his arrival in prison. Saint Gilles Prison is known as hell, and Giorgi remained in this prison with the same clothes for a month. Moreover, When he faced investigators, he decided to blame himself to prove Eva Kaili‘s innocence immediately. Who, in the meantime, is told that if she does not confess, preventive detention could last up to a year.

Saint Gilles has no adequate facilities for visitors or relatives of prisoners. Giorgi was granted a route to the Brussels police station, where her daughter arrived. The meeting lasted for an hour. Meanwhile, the police filmed everything. After the meeting, Giorgi is taken back to prison in the camera-free area dedicated to meetings with lawyers. There, he was coerced to confess and, above all, to accuse Kaili. Otherwise, he was threatened that he would see his daughter grow up behind bars.

According to Monville, Giorgi was desperate, so he gave up and forcefully confessed. However, When Kaili came to face the investigators, the interrogation was brutal. Investigators contended that they are finding a way to give her daughter to social services. It indicates that they threatened her.

Moreover, Giorgi’s Lawyers revealed that the microphones were placed in Giorgi’s apartment. It means they were intercepted when they visited him to speak with him confidently to prepare his defence.

Furthermore, Monville argued that journalists acted as investigators at the beginning of the case. How do they have a complete copy of the file? Who provided them with updates on the case, which was confidential information. It shows the absolute absurdity of Belgian authorities.  It raises questions about the security of the document and who was responsible. It also raises questions about the Belgian authorities’ handling of this case and their lack of respect for the rights of the accused.

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