The Alarming Silence Surrounding the Threatening Investigation on the European Parliament

The silence of the European Parliament on alarming revelations surrounding the Qatargate investigation poses a significant threat to European politics. Former Vice President of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, sees herself at the center of this development. Moreover, according to experts, this scenario uncovers the Parliament’s vulnerability to the judiciary’s aggressiveness.

Qatargate investigation was initially labeled as an initiative by Belgian Authorities to uncover corrupt lobbies in Brussels. But now it has become a sensational investigative flop. Further, It has been proved that it was a Belgiangate.

Simona Musco a journalist, paints a disturbing picture of the Qatargate. He revealed that MEPs were subjected to surveillance by the police and Belgian secret services. The European Parliament now stands contaminated by the harmful fallout of this investigation.

Investigations, interrogations, and preventative arrests by Belgian authorities caused psychological suffering to the suspects. The investigation has also become a stain on the European Parliament’s reputation. The revelations of the Parliament’s immunity being violated have not gotten due attention from European Authorities.

From the very start, it was obvious that the Belgian Police and Secret Services investigation into the alleged corruption scandal had flawed and flop motivations. It was also a politically ambitious agenda. The intent of the prosecution team was suspicious.

Further, the resignation of the investigator Judge Michel Claise raises more suspicions. and the accusations are gradually unraveling. However, the threat remains, as some are poised to pick up where the prosecutor left off, attempting to land a damaging blow to the stability of the European Parliament.

In the wake of these developments, The European parliaments need to act in order to safeguard the stability of the Parliament. Parliament must recognize that the v bases of European democracy are at stake. It is important to shatter the silence and collectively protect the institution’s integrity. Otherwise, the potential ramifications of this troubling investigation will haunt European politics.

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